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EuchlerCMS is an "in-house" developed Content-Management-System that should be used for the management of dynamic web content of websites developed by Euchler Software.

The way it is operating is very simple. The software allows to edit *.CSV files (Comma-Seperated-Values), which contain the dynamic content of the website. Files ending with "*.CSV" can certainly also be edited using other applications, e.g. simple text-editors or spead-sheet applications like MS Excel. However, EuchlerCMS is an easy to use alternative for quick changes to your web content...

Choose directory...
Choose the directory on your computer in which you keep the *.CSV files via "File" - "New directory" (or by pressing the corresponding button). The window in the lower-left corner shows the *.CSV files of the folder that is selected (files with other extensions are ingnored).

Edit files...
Once you select a file it is opened and shown in the table-view on the right-hand side. Here you can easily edit single values and also add or remove rows. All changes made to the file need to be confirmed by pressing the "Save-button" in the upper right-hand corner.

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